Financial Planning is for Everyone

Learning what's important to you is the first step in helping you create a personal financial plan that makes sense ... for YOU.

Investing isn't a luxury only for the wealthy. Investors come from all walks of life and have a variety of unique needs. That is why we tailor our services to meet the requirements of a diversity of clients. From individuals just starting in their careers to empty nesters, pre-retirees to retirees trying to maintain a certain standard of living, we deliver the customized plans for individuals and their families to help them as they work towards their goals.

People who are seeking to establish nest eggs for the future. We help our clients get a proper start in retirement planning and assist them in financially preparing for big life changes such as the birth of a child, the purchase of a home, the establishment of an estate, college for their children and more. In addition, we also assist those who are changing jobs with 401(k) dispersal and accumulation strategies to help them work towards ensuring the nest eggs they have already created are protected and better posed to deliver future growth.

Pre-retirees. People in their 50s and 60s need a sound strategy to build the wealth they desire for the future retirement years. This group of individuals may be helping their adult children financially or taking care of their elderly parents. This can make saving for retirement difficult. We help our clients with the challenge of these possible financial responsibilities in addition to saving for their own retirement.

Retirees. We assist retirees with strategies aimed at preserving the capital they've accumulated while making sure they have access to the income stream they need from their retirement savings. Passing wealth to the next generation or charitable giving may be a secondary goal for this group of investors.

Business owners. This distinct group of investors has highly specialized needs that we understand. We assist business owners in transitioning their ventures to the next level. We can also help better position their assets for transfer to the next generation while helping to ensure sound financial health for all parties involved. In addition, pre-planned exit strategies help to protect business partners and their families from financial turbulence in the event of disability, death or retirement.

No matter what stage of investing a client is in, Midtown Financial Group can assist with the important decisions that have lasting impacts on financial stability. We make sure our clients understand the terrain they face and help them draw the right map to navigate the future successfully.

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