LGBTQ+ Financial Planning: Empower Your Future!


The LGBTQ+ community has historically been underserved, especially when it comes to financial planning. Here at Midtown Financial Group, we believe everyone deserves objective financial guidance.

Whether you're part of the “silent generation” or a millennial, cis male or cis female, transgendered or pansexual, orange or purple, we embrace diversity and we are inclusive.



"How much money will we need to enjoy retirement the way we want?"


Someday, you'll want to retire. Or you have a significant nest egg, but don't know where to make your money work for you. Maybe you have a child who wants to go to college. But you're living paycheck to paycheck, setting some money aside without a real plan.


As an LGBTQ+ couple or blended modern family, you face the same financial hurdles and challenges of planning for college, retirement and estate settlement.


Financial planning should be customized because individuals, couples and today's blended, modern families have different goals and aspirations, which bring unique challenges and concerns.




“We have a good income but don't seem to be able to save much."


Even though it is now legal to get married, does it make sense financially for you and your partner to get married?  Combining your assets (and debts) in a new relationship takes some work. What are some benefits?  What are some potential disadvantages? 


Things like taxes, Social Security benefits, pension benefits, various insurance solutions, disability benefits, health insurance, etc. can all be impacted by marriage...and not all may have positive outcomes.  It depends on your situation.  That is why a prudent financial plan is flexible and should be monitored and updated as life events unfold.


“It's hard to know how to plan for later-in-life needs without a partner.”


LGBTQ+ singles, you're not alone in this either! Things like estate planning and health care planning are important regardless of sexual orientation or gender. As you age, you may face unique challenges without with support of a life partner, and we're here to help you plan for the later years.


As a Certified Financial Planner®, I listen to your unique needs and goals and guide you in creating a financial plan.  By exploring your situation together and mapping a path to follow, you'll feel more confident about your budgeting, investments and life planning.


This is why we are here.  We are your life planning partners. Reach out to me today, and let's schedule a time to talk along with your spouse or partner. Plus, I'll send you my free Financial Planning FAQ!




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