Our Services

We give independent, objective investment advice.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Comprehensive Financial Planning: We design plans to help clients find the appropriate strategies for each and every stage of their lives.  We assist with 401K distribution eduction, asset preservation strategies for individuals and businesses, portfolio management and estate planning.

• Risk Management: It is imperative for clients to fully understand the risks involved in investing.  We work with clients to ascertain their risk tolerances so we can recommend strategies that are suitable for their unique situation.

• Capital Preservation: Striving to manage and preserve capital is a priority.

• 401K & Pension Distribution Options:  We help individuals determine which investment options are appropriate for their specific circumstances.

• Retirement Income Strategies: While wealth accumulation is the focus during the working years, retirement calls for a different strategy. We help clients shift gears from accumulation to distribution while making sure resources are available to pursue clients’ unique goals. 

• Estate Planning: This specialty area calls for a team approach. We work closely with board certified estate planning attorneys and CPAs as they work to protect clients and their assets for proper distribution and to avoid unintended consequences.

• Life Insurance Strategies: We have a team of specialists who assist in insurance analysis, reviews, design and strategies.

• Business Succession Planning: Whether clients are looking to pass their business to future generations, to transition to a successor business partners / employees, or an exit strategy for retirement, we work closely with our business owner clients to help facilitate their transition.

• Long-Term Care Planning: This type of planning may be able to provide strategies to help mitigate risk in individual portfolios.  With proper planning, retirement savings may potentially be protected.  Whether a client wants to transfer risk or self-insure, there are strategies that can help them to focus on their goals with the objective to preserve wealth.

Our goal is to provide clients with the financial confidence they deserve.